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True Brew Maestro Beer Brewing Kit Beer Making Equipment

Discover the True Brew Maestro Beer Brewing Kit Beer Making Equipment.

True Brew makes home brewing equipment and supplies that are excellent for both beginners and experienced brewers. Their True Brew Maestro home brew kit is one of the most popular kits available today. Most anyone seeking true versatility and expandability in home brewing will be happy with this all-inclusive kit from True Brew which comes with a full handbook to help in using the equipment to produce virtually any type of beer in the convenience of your home. The True Brew Maestro kit is well suited for making far more than the 3 basic beer mixes that come with most of their packages. True Brew also makes a gold version of this kit with a larger fermenting bucket and is easily adapted to wine-making (though, oddly, this package requires you to customize with your own capper or corker).

They also produce no fewer than 14 ingredient kits for making everything from bocks and brown ales to stouts and porters. True Brew’s Maestro kit is very similar to Cooper’s All in One. Cooper’s version comes with bottles and has a cleaner look. The True Brue Maestro Beer Brewing Kit however, is higher volume, more easily modified, and has more features though you will pay a slightly higher price once you include the cost of bottles.

The added cost is generally worth it though, since most brewers will find they need more bottles and larger capacity once they begin to really learn brewcraft and more about the available options to enhance the True Brew Maestro. The greatest strength of the True Brew Maestro Beer Brewing Kit is probably the full featured rack and fill kit which makes the all important task of bottling the beer significantly easier. The capper and bottle brush are fairly standard, but more than adequate. The real fun (aside from the first bottle of your own beer) begins when you put the kit to work with their assorted mixes and creating some of your own!

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