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The Beer Machine Home Brewing Supplies by The Great American Micro-Brewery Co.

The ease of use and the attractive appearance of the Beer machine.

The Great American Micro Brewery Co. is one of the biggest names in home brewing, particularly in the small volume market. Well known for their easy to use products, Great American is a fantastic beginner's brewer. The unique keg design of the unit is the best reason to purchase this particular model. It has a bar style tap which adds character and includes a carbonation system that allows you to control the head, or foam, levels. The 2.

6 gallon production takes only a week to 10 days and provides 28 full sized servings of tasty brew. The Great American Micro Brewery Co. also makes a variety beer refill pack that allows you to easily make pilsner, lager and ale for way less than what you'd pay at your local liquor store. With a bit of creativity it is possible to come up with many more options in addition to the ones currently offered specifically for this brewer, though by the time you get to that point of experimentation it may be time to move on to some of the higher quality products made by the competition. The beer machine is similar to the Mr.

Beer products in most ways, though Mr. Beer is generally a bit more difficult to master. With its ease of use the Beer Machine is a great choice for beginners, while Mr. Beer’s versions of this type of machine tend to produce better flavor at the price of slightly more work and technique. Overall what makes the Beer Machine from The Great American Brewing Company stand out is the ease of use and the attractive appearance of the unit.

Who wouldn’t want one of these sitting on their bar ready to offer their friends a micro-brew on tap? And best of all? That tap has a blank label so you really can make it “your beer”!

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