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Mr. Root Beer Home Root Beer Kit

Home brewing with Mr. Root Beer Home Root Beer Kit.

When it comes to home-made root beer, no one compares to the name Mr. Root Beer! We've captured all the ingredients, history and fun of making delicious, home-made root beer and packaged it into one kit -- the Mr. Root Beer Home Root Beer Kit. Kids love creating and cooking, so imagine how excited they'll be making their very own delicious soft drink! Adults and kids alike will have fun mixing the ingredients, bottling it and even creating their very own label -- it's science and cooking combined! You'll agree that nothing compares to the refreshing taste of an icy cold, foamy root beer, especially if you've made it yourself! Each kit comes with everything you'll need from start to finish, and includes enough supplies to make two whole gallons of root beer - plenty for everyone! And when you're ready to make more, you'll love the Mr. Root Beer Refill Kit, which lets you reuse your bottles and brew two more delicious gallons of root beer. The good folks here at Mr. Root Beer put a lot of time into perfecting the fine extracts and ingredients that go into each kit.

Why? Because we feel root beer is worth it! Why trust other brands that have sacrificed taste and quality? We want you to be thrilled from the first sip to the last. The Mr. Root Beer Home Root Beer Kit will have you drinking your own home-made root beer in no time at all --but you don't have to stop there! Enjoy your root beer in ice cream floats and sundaes too. In fact, there are recipes galore that call for root beer. ..

From soups and breads. .. To shrimp batter, and even BBQ sauce! Get creative with your root beer -- if there's any left! Buy your Mr. Root Beer Home Root Beer Kit today and let the fun begin!

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