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Laaglander Home Brewing Supplies

Home Brewing with Laaglander Home Brewing Supplies.

Laaglander home brewing supplies beer-making kits are canned malt syrup kits designed to make the art of home brewing a simple and mistake-proof process. Laaglander home brewing supplies kits make approximately 2 gallons of beer and can make up to 5 gallons with additional sugar or malt. Laaglander home brewing supplies kits come in a variety of flavors and styles. Among Laaglander home brewing supplies many offerings are light lager, Irish stout, and the extremely rich and flavorful Laaglander bock. The bock kit is probably the best tasting of all Laaglander home brewing supplies kits. Each kit requires only a 15-minute boil. The addition of an extra three to four pounds of dry or syrup malt or additional corn syrup can increase the volume of finished product.

For real beer fans who require a richer aroma, additional finishing hops can be added. Laaglander home brewing supplies kits provide a good starting point for many good beers. More experienced brewers will find that they offer a good product that is easily customized to their taste and can easily be modified for more alcohol percentage or even fuller body than the kits are actually designed for. Laaglander home brewing supplies also makes malts made from 100% barley for plain extra light, plain light, plain dark, and plain amber. These are all good choices and add to the overall quality of an excellent and varied product line. Laaglander home brewing supplies kits are a direct competitor of other canned malt extract companies like Muntons, Brewferm, Coopers, and Ironmaster.

Laaglander home brewing supplies kits are known for having higher dextrin levels than the other brands, which leads to a much higher gravity beer. This also results in a very full bodied and malty flavor. Some of the other brands do have more variety, but offer them at a slightly higher price. Laaglander home brewing supplies kits are a great bargain, priced slightly less than the competition, and generally result in a higher final alcohol percentage and richer taste than other brands. Laaglander home brewing supplies kits are definitely worth a try for beginning brewers and can also provide a great base for more experienced home brewers.

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