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Kombucha Magic Brewing Kits Home Brewing Supplies

Home Brewing with Kombucha Magic Brewing Kits.

Kombucha Magic isnít voodoo or witchcraft, but Kombucha Magic Brewing Kits will allow you to conjure up some enchanting organic tea. These kits contain Kombucha live cultures, an instructional DVD and all of the home brewing supplies necessary produce quality Kombucha tea. Made by Kombucha Products and distributed by A. F. Distribution, Kombucha Magic Brewing Kits and all of their home brewing supplies and products are grown fresh and then shipped promptly to customers around the globe. People have been brewing Kombucha tea since the 19th century, claiming its many health benefits that range from complete body detoxification to improved digestion and even longevity. Some proponents in the modern world attribute this miracle drink to improved eyesight, cured infections, stabilized blood pressure and improved circulation.

The list goes on and on. There are even claims that it can be used as a degreaser for household cleaning. The Kombucha culture, found in each Kombucha Magic Bewing Kit, is often called a mushroom because of its pancake shape and mushroom color. It is actually a probiotic yeast culture, not unlike the friendly bacteria found in yogurt. The video in the Kombucha Magic Brewing Kit shows the home brewer how to combine this active culture with black tea and sugar, fermenting the mixture into a strong tea. Kombucha Products sells a variety of Kombucha merchandise.

Books, DVDs, tinctures, ready-made beverages, brewing kits, and home brewing supplies are among the list. Many of the ready-to-drink teas are flavored to make the Kombucha Tea more palatable. Peach, blueberry, mango and grapefruit are just a few of the selections shoppers can choose from. Kombucha home brewing supplies consist of gallon sized glass jars, PH test strips and electric heating panels for controlling temperature during the fermentation process. These items are sold separately, but can also be found in the Kombucha Magic Brewing Kits. Kombucha cultures for brewing can be ordered from a number of Internet storefronts, but ordering from Kombucha Products is the best way to get quality, convenience and selection from one trusted source.

With Kombucha Magic Brewing Kits, itís always tea time!

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