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PRINCIPLES of Home Brewing

Overall summary of the home brewing process.

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What you will need for your
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WebNetworksLIVE.com BASIC Home Brewing

The home brewing process
broken down step-by-step.

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More advanced techniques
such as all-grain mash and more.

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The Basic Home Brewing Process

Step 5: Bottling/Racking

The home brew bottling process is quite simple actually, the only hard part is the sanitization process that we recommend following through with. Whatever you will be using to “rack” your homebrew with, it should be sanitized prior to bottling in order to prevent infection inside the bottle. Once this process is complete, you will need a separate bucket, or the old fermenting bucket you had during primary fermentation. Get a small pot of water and mix a little priming sugar in it while heating it if you would like some extra carbonation in the beer. Next transfer the sugar water into the bucket which the homebrew will be transferred into then siphon the beer into it and gently mix it all together once completely transferred.
Now it’s time to attach the racking cane and line up those bottles, or keg, and start filling.
This process may seem like a slower one, but it will be done before you know it. Now all you have to do is fill each container then cap it and you are set! Finish bottling everything then clean up and stick some of those great new homebrews in the fridge to chill.

Congratulations! You are now a home brewer! There are many more things to learn about home brewing and they can be found in more advanced sections as well as many other advanced home brewing resources on the web.

The Basic Homebrewing Procedure :

Step 1: Cleaning and Sanitizing Home Brewing Equipment
Step 2: Mashing
Step 3: Brewing (Boiling and Adding Hops)
Step 4: Fermentation (Primary and Secondary Fermentation)
Step 5: Bottling/Racking

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