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Edme Home Brewing Supplies

Home Brewing with Edme Home Brewing Supplies.

Edme—or, the English Diastatic Malt Extract Company—began in the 1880s in Mistley, UK. In 1994, they won the Queen's Award for Export Achievement, and have used their skills and traditions to provide quality malt syrups for home-brewers all over the world for more than 100 years. Edme uses quality wheat and barley grown right in Mistley, located right in the middle of England's premier malting barley growing region. The company caters to the needs of all different scales of brewing, selling products intended for commercial, micro, and home brewing. Edme itself monitors every stage of production, ensuring that only quality products make it to the customer. Edme's Microbrewery series includes malt extracts for English IPA, Original Draught, Classic Pilsner, Red Ale, and Wheat Beer (or "Hefe Weizen").

These are available in 25-kg pails, 295-kg drums, or 1-tonne containers, and can be used before or after fermentation. Products are also available for home brewers, and are available in smaller quantities. The product range for Edme's "Superbrew Gold" series includes syrups for Barley Wine, Traditional British Bitter and Yorkshire Bitter, Weizen Lager Wheat Beer, German Style Lager, Irish Stout, various ales and porters, and Traditional Mild. For commercial brewers, Edme provides products that alter or enhance a beer's color or quality. These include diastatic and nondiastatic malt syrups, or powders.

You can be sure that other home brewing supplies are either inferior to, or largely base their techniques on Edme's example. Edme's strains are unique and provide multi-dimensional flavors unparalleled by any others. Edme has been perfecting its unique flavors and malts for so long that its name is now a household word in home-brewing households all over the world. It has been trusted by brewers for generations, and it is accepted without question that their techniques and traditions are the standard epitome of quality.

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