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WebNetworksLIVE.com Understanding The
PRINCIPLES of Home Brewing

Overall summary of the home brewing process.

WebNetworksLIVE.com Home Brewing INGREDIENTS
What you will need for your
home brew and more!

WebNetworksLIVE.com Home Brewing EQUIPMENT
Almost as important as the ingredients themselves!

WebNetworksLIVE.com BASIC Home Brewing

The home brewing process
broken down step-by-step.

WebNetworksLIVE.com ADVANCED Home Brewing Procedures
More advanced techniques
such as all-grain mash and more.

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DRAFT Magazine

Why DRAFT Magazine ?

DRAFT Magazine calls itself “America’s Favorite Beer Magazine” for a reason. Published six times a year, DRAFT is written for everyone who loves beer, from home beer brewers to connoisseurs. DRAFT Magazine features articles that provide in-depth knowledge in a conversational tone. DRAFT Magazine prides itself on delivering information on beer from around the world. Home brewers will especially appreciate industry news about new craft beers and microbrews hitting the U. S. Market. DRAFT Magazine regularly tastes and reviews beers submitted by readers.

If you’ve ever dreamed of going commercial with your home brewing, DRAFT Magazine provides success stories and inspiration. In addition to the print magazine, DRAFT Magazine has a website that republishes articles from the magazine, as well as lists beer-related events and news. Hundreds of beer reviews are also posted on the website. While there are many blogs and online magazines devoted to beer, DRAFT Magazine is the only print magazine that also offers such extensive online resources. However, if you’re looking for state-by-state coverage of where to try craft beers, Beer Travelers is also a great place to start. For the home brewer, Real Beer is an excellent website for specific advice on topics like how to brew healthier beer. They also offer online classes.

DRAFT Magazine is unique in its field because of its comprehensive coverage. No matter where you live, DRAFT Magazine provides information about beer and brewing relevant to you. The website allows you to search by city for breweries, bars that are known for their beer selections, and stores that sell home brewing products. The print magazine frequently lists beer bars and craft beers by state, so you can always find something new to try that’s close to you. The website also has an interactive forum, where members can post comments and ask questions. No other magazine manages to make beer so personal.

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