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BrewFerm Home Brewing Supplies

Home Brewing with BrewFerm.

Brewferm home ingredient kits are high quality Belgian malt extract based kits that help home brewers create rich and aromatic home brewed beer. Brewferm home brewing supplies specializes in kits for a more refined, European taste while keeping the process simple enough for novice brewers and open enough for experienced brewers to add their own special touch to their creation. Brewferm makes it possible to brew and enjoy the richest Belgian traditions of beer making without being a master brewer. A simple kit with easy to follow instructions allows for great results from the very first try with unique possibilities ranging from their Brewferm Frambois (a raspberry flavored beer with 4 pounds of raspberries in addition to the high quality malt and hops) to the herb packed Brewferm triple, loaded with hops and barley and yielding a strong, yet smooth, 8% alcohol beer. Brewferm home brewing supplies include many other kits, including: Brewferm Abbey beer, Brewferm Christmas beer, and Brewferm Krieck, which is a cherry beer similar to their Brewferm Frambois.

They all include very detailed instructions, allowing beginners to get great results and experienced brewers to customize the flavor to their liking as well as allowing for easy control of the final alcohol content. Brewferm home brewing supplies are similar to ingredient kits produced by Coopers and Muntons. Brewferm specializes in the Belgian tradition however, while Muntons and Coopers try to do it all. Brewferm is the clear answer for any home brewer desiring the unique flavors of true Belgian beers.

While Muntons does provide several high quality blends that actually do match the quality of Brewferm home brewing supplies, they are generally a bit more expensive, leaving Brewferm as the clear choice for this style of ingredient kit for brewers with more refined taste. The true measure of the quality of Brewferm home brewing supplies is the focus they place on a smaller area of the brewing world and the fact that Brewferm ingredient kits require a bit more time than some of the competition. Brewferm home brewing supplies and the ingredient kits they produce are perfect for the beer connoisseur who is patient enough to wait for the rich flavor they are eventually rewarded with. Cheers to Brewferm home brewing supplies!

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