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Brew Canada Home Brew Kits

Home Brewing with Brew Canada Home Brew Kits.

Brew Canada home brew kits were developed by an expert Canadian brew master, each type was patterned on some of Canada’s most favored commercial beers. The kits use the finest in traditional brewing ingredients, such as concentrated brewing worts and fresh hops. Each kit brews 23 liters of beer. Brewing your own beer can be a very interesting hobby. You can brew for your own consumption or to give as gifts to your friends and family. Brew Canada home brew kits come with simple and clear instructions that make things easy even for beginners.

Home brewing is one of the fastest-growing hobbies these days, with many people discovering how enjoyable and gratifying it can be to brew and bottle your very own beer. Brew Canada has a variety of beer kits available. Brew Canada Light is a huge best seller for the company, it brews up a fine, clear, and light-tasting beer with a slightly fruity aroma and fresh taste. Brew Canada Lager is a more full-bodied, traditional lager, and Brew Canada Pilsner is bright gold in color, a premium pilsner with a bit more hops and malt. Brew Canada Draft Beer is a very popular and refreshing brew, and their Red Beer has a distinctive deep copper color and rich, smooth flavor.

One of their newest beers is Brew Canada Blonde, a light beer with a milder hops flavor that is quickly becoming a favorite. Two other companies that offer home brew kits are Coopers and Muntons. Coopers is an Australian company and brews up and Australian style beer is variations like Stout, Dark Ale, Lager, and Bitter. Muntons is based in the Untied Kingdom and they offer a Brown Ale, Pale Ale, Bitter and American Light. If you are looking for an authentic Canadian type brewing experience, Brew Canada home brew kits are the way to go.

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