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Black Rock New Zealand Beer Brewing Kits

Home Brewing with Black Rock New Zealand Beer Brewing Kits.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, the Black Rock Brewing Company is dedicated to tradition and using only the highest quality ingredients for their signature products. The seasoned brewmasters at Black Rock Brewing ensure a consistent and exceptional quality using time tested brewing methods and their no short cuts attitude. With the consumer market now leaning towards buyers who want to be "part of the experience", Black Rock obliges with their line of Home Brewing Kits that have a range sure to please any palate. With these Black Rock products, one can easily find out for themselves what a rewarding experience it can be to brew at home. What better way to enjoy your favorite beer than to be part of the process with a Black Rock Beer Brewing Kit at your fingertips.

Beginners and experts alike will agree that the selection of home brew kits makes it difficult to choose just one! To date, the Black Rock Brewing Company offers 13 different varieties that appeal to even the most evolved of palates. East India Pale Ale with its medium hopping, the fruity and golden Whispering Wheat to the darker of brews such as the Miner's Stout, there is a flavor and type to suit all consumers. Unlike Morgan's Beer Brewing established in Australia or the limited selection of Rogue Beer Brewing Kits from the United States, Black Rock stands alone with their loyal fans and the unmatched dedication to their customers and products alike. What sets this company apart is the approach taken to educate and satisfy their customers on the basics of home brewing and any obstacles they may encounter along the way.

Their website, www. Blackrock. Co. Nz has information to assist and guide those who enjoy this rewarding hobby as well as a section to contact the company for any further inquiries.

Enjoy Black Rock Beer Brewing Kits today!

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